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Plastics recycling in Canada rises slightly

Post-consumer plastics packaging recycling in Canada is increasing, although just slightly, according to new statistics.

Results of a survey by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association showed a 0.4-percent increase in the amount of post-consumer plastic packaging recycled in 2015 compared to the previous years.

At least 322 million kilograms (710 million pounds) of post-consumer plastic packaging were collected for recycling in Canada in 2015, the group said. That’s up 1.3 million kilograms (2.9 million pounds) from the year before.

The results come from a voluntary survey sent to reclaimers, exporters, brokers, material recovery facilities and others people who handle recycled plastics, the trade group said.

The increase was driven by high density polyethylene bottles, which increased by 5.7 million kilograms (12.6 million pounds). That offset a decrease of 4.4 million kilograms (9.7 million pounds) in all other categories combined, CPIA reported.

Plastic packaging covered by the report includes bottles, non-bottle rigid plastics such as deli, dairy, bakery and produce containers, and flexible film, the group said.

The report, available through CPIA’s website, was prepared by Moore Recycling Associates, which recently changed its name to More Recycling.

I think this is a very important signal。


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