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French press maker Billion opens Detroit-area office

French injection molding machinery maker Billion SA has opened a sales and service office in Rochester Hills, Mich., to serve its customers in the Detroit area.

The Billion office is housed at one customer, French custom molder AdduXi Group, which opened its Rochester Hills factory in 2014 — AdduXi’s first outside of its home country.

Running the Billion facility is John-Paul Mead, who has a background in plastics and rubber processing machinery and the machine tools and mold-making sector. Mead said the office will house spare parts.

Mead is in charge of building a sales and service structure for Billion injection molding machines in the Northeastern United States. Billion officials said the company’s all-electric and twin-shot machines are a good match for the American market. The company’s GM range of injection molding presses, in clamping forces ranging from 400-1,100 metric tonnes, is well suited to the local automotive industry, Billion said.

Billion said Mead is very knowledgeable of the Detroit-area industrial base, the Northeast and Midwest regions of the United States, and Canada.


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