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DMU 50 5-axis machining centre boasts improved performance

Now in its third generation and capable of simultaneous 5-axis metalcutting, as well as 5-sided work, the DMU 50 machining centre from DMG Mori has been reintroduced with a significantly upgraded specification.

With linear axis travels of 650 by 520 by 475 mm, the machine has a working volume 78% larger than that of its predecessor, extending the range of parts that can be produced. Furthermore, the swivel of the rotary table, at -35°/+110°, represents an increase of 28% over the previous model, allowing more complex components to be machined. Productivity has also been raised, as rapid traverse is 42 m/min instead of 30 m/min.

There are 30 tool pockets in the standard magazine, although expansion up to 120 pockets is possible. The user can choose either a 15,000 rpm or 20,000 rpm motor spindle. The table has an ergonomic loading height of 800 mm and accepts workpieces weighing up to 300 kg. The door to the work area is 876 mm wide, providing good access from the front even when automation equipment for workpiece or pallet handling is in place.

According to DMG Mori, accuracies of 6 micron and below can be held on the DMU 50, placing the machine ahead of others in its class on the market. Contributing to this level of precision are a one-piece machine bed and integral cooling of the guideways, drives and table bearings. Linear scales and angle encoders provide accurate feedback of axis positions.


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