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  • Aluminum alloy die casting
Aluminum alloy die casting

Aluminum alloy die casting

  • Models No:VB002
  • Products material:Aluminum alloy
  • Ejection:ejection pin
  • Mold Construction:Two Plate mold
  • Product description: Aluminum alloy die casting

Die cast aluminum alloys are often found in automobile parts and gears, and have been used to create surgical instruments in the past.

They are generally stronger and lighter than most zinc-based materials, but tend to be more expensive to create.

Using aluminum alloys can reduce the need for finishing treatments, such as plating, and a common grade is composed of 92 percent aluminum mixed with 8 percent copper.

Magnesium may be added to this alloy to improve its tensile strength from around  21,000  pounds per square inch to approximately 32,000 per square inch, while nickel can be included to increase rigidity and provide a higher surface finish. The melting point for an aluminum alloy is around 1150 degrees Fahrenheit.