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  • Models No:VC001
  • Products material:Aluminum alloy
  • Product description: Spinning process

Spinning Systems

• Open End:

Yarn-making process in which fibers are twisted and wrapped around each other by the use of a rapidly rotating rotor. The process is much faster than ring spinning.

Yarn characteristics:

Strength: Good

Hairiness: Fair

Pilling: Fair

Hand: Harsh

• Murata Air Jet:

In the Air Jet system, drafted fibers are introduced into a spindle orifice by an air vortex. While entering and passing through the orifice, fibers that are twisted by the swirling air are also introduced into the outer side of the orifice.

Yarn characteristics:

Strength: Good


Pilling: Excellent

Hand: Harsh

• Ring:

A spinning system using a ring and traveler take up wherein the drafting of the roving and the twisting and winding of the yarn on to the bobbin proceed simultaneously and continuously.

Yarn characteristics:

Strength: Excellent

Hairiness: Good

Pilling: Good

Hand: Soft